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Notary Public

Need a document witnessed or notarized? CSB has a Notary Public at each one of our locations.

Below are some helpful tips to consider prior to having your document notarized at any of our bank locations.
The primary responsibility of our notaries is to verify a document signer's identity prior to notarizing the signature. A notary public may not notarize a signature unless the notary personally knows, or has satisfactory evidence, that the person whose signature is being notarized is the person described in the document and is the person who is executing the document. There are three ways our notary will verify a signer's identity:
  1. Personal knowledge – This method does not require any witnesses or identification cards. The notary simply has personal knowledge from association with the person, which would establish the person's identity.
  2. Credible witness – A credible witness is a third person who has personal knowledge of the document signer's identity. The credible witness must verify on oath or affirmation the document signer's identity. The notary must be able to identify the credible witness by personal knowledge or on the basis of an identification card or papers.
  3. Identification card or papers – This method of verifying a person's identity involves examining the photograph, accurate physical description and signature. Requesting two forms of identification can further confirm a person's identity. Acceptable forms of identification include a passport, driver's license or government-issued identification card which contains the person's signature or a photograph of the person and is satisfactory to the notary.

A notary may refuse to perform a notarial act if:
  • The notary believes that the person whose signature is being notarized is not competent or lacks the capacity to execute the instrument
  • If the notary does not believe that the person whose signature is being notarized is executing the instrument knowingly or voluntarily.
  • The document was not personally signed or resigned in presence of the notary public for a verification on oath or affirmation
  • The document was not personally acknowledged in the presence of the notary to allow for the completion of an acknowledgment.
  • Any signature on the document is not an original signature.
  • For any other reason unless prohibited by law.
Information provided on this page is from the Secretary of State North Dakota and for informational purposes only.

If you have any questions about notarizing any of your documents please give your local branch a call.